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Who are the people behind the BMCLA?

Shanika Roberts–Odle
Chief Executive Officer (Ag)


Stanley Cox
Programme Administrator (Ag)


Tracy Moore


& Public




Edwin Oneal






Applications &
Manager (Ag)


Terrence Thompson
Information System Administrator

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Who are the people behind the BMCLB?

Mr. Bryan is a results-oriented sales and marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Over the last two decades he worked for both Pfizer and Sevier where he acquired a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the Pharmaceutical Industry across the Caribbean region.


Mr. Bryan’s knowledge and expertise spans several therapeutic areas including Pediatrics, ENT, Metabolic Diseases, Orthopedics, Diabetes, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, Rheumatology and Vaccines. In addition, his previous responsibilities also included forecasting, inventory management, budgeting and exploring new market opportunities.


Queen Asheba Avril Hinkson-Trotman

Rev. Dr. Gerald Seale


Dr. Anton Best

Dr Alana Griffith_003.JPG

Stacey Medford

Dr. Alana Griffith 

Dr. Adrian Waterman

Mrs. Hinkson-Trotman is a Business Owner and Assistant Facilitator for the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development Entomology Department, in conjunction with the Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for Caribbean Action.

Rev. Dr Seale is the retired Bishop of the Barbados District, Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies. He has served on numerous government boards including the Child Care Board, the National Reconciliation Committee 2008-2012 as Deputy Chairman, member of Queen’s College Board of Management as well as on the Task Force on Reparations.


Anthony Bryan

Lorenzo Harewood

Dr. Best is the Senior Medical Officer of Health at the Ministry of Health. He is integral in advising the Chief Medical Officer on technical and policy matters in Barbados. His role also include Programme administration and advice on policy, clinical and other matters health related in Barbados.

Dr. Waterman is an Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist and also Chronic Pain Management Specialist who has worked in several countries including St Lucia, Wales, England and presently Barbados and occasionally in the Cayman Islands.

Ms. Medford, who represents the youth, has a background in marketing (financial sector, customer service and events) campaign development, product launch, and media expertise to elevate brand profiles.

Mr. Harewood has a very diverse background rooted in Agriculture inclusive of being an UNDP COVID-19 Food Traceability Consultant, as well as working with FarmFinder Global Inc as an Executive Director. He was also a consultant  with the IDB Technical and analytical support and with the Government of Barbados in the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources.

Dr. Griffith is a Lecturer in Sociology specialising in Social Policy. She began lecturing part-time with UWI Cave Hill in 2004 while working in the Prime Minister’s Office Barbados as a Research Officer. Dr. Griffith in her capacity as a CARICOM Commissioner on Marijuana, she was involved in conducting research on whether marijuana should be decriminalized for medical research, religious or recreational use in the member states.


The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Appeals Tribunal has been established to hear appeals in accordance with the Act. A person who is aggrieved by a decision of the BMCLA may appeal to the Tribunal by way of notice of appeal within 14 days of the date of the decision or within such longer period as the Tribunal may, in any special circumstances, allow.

A copy of the notice of appeal, together with copies of any correspondence, document or statement shall be served to the Authority.



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The Tribunal shall cause all parties to the appeal to be informed:

o   of the date of the hearing of the appeal, which should be within 30 days from the date on which the statement is served on the appellant;

o   that they may appear in person or be represented by an attorney-at-law or an agent; and

o   that they may call witnesses on their behalf.

Anyone who is dissatisfied by the decision of the Tribunal may, within 30 days after the party is notified of the decision, appeal to the High Court against the decision in accordance with the rules of the court.

More information can be found in the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act by clicking here



Industry: A sustainable globally competitive medicinal cannabis industry with patient care at its centre, while contributing to the country's economic development and employment opportunities.


BMCLA: A regulator positioning the local medical cannabis industry as a global centre of excellence in training, certification, research and development and to provide a high quality, accessible and advanced patient-centric environment to qualifying individuals.

Industry: To establish a patient centric approach towards the advancement of the medical cannabis industry in Barbados and the wider region through training, research, and development.


BMCLA: To foster a locally derived medical cannabis industry as a global centre of excellence through training, research, and development, for a safe, innovative and well regulated medicinal cannabis regime, while penetrating new markets and improving the lives of the Barbadian population.



Innovative and Integrative
Inclusive, Transparent and Fair
Highly Competitive
and Science-Driven
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