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for the Locally Derived Medicinal Cannabis Industry

The medicinal cannabis industry will be built to support a locally derived value chain from seed to sale.  Barbadians, permanent residents, persons with immigrant status, CARICOM nationals and companies (cooperatives/partnerships) will be able to own locally derived businesses to facilitate the cultivation to sale of medicinal cannabis and related products under various licenses. Investment opportunities along the value chain will include the cultivation of registered strains of medicinal cannabis, the extraction and processing of oils, the retail and distribution of the products, the dispensing of products to patients and a range of support services for each segment of the value chain.  Support from direct foreign investment to facilitate participation in the industry is possible but these investments will need at least 30% local ownership by citizens, permanent residents, immigrants with status and CARICOM nationals.

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Connecting People with the Medicinal Industry, Education & Economies

BAJCAN Connect are events hosted by the BMCLA that connect medicinal cannabis professionals with break out industry leaders for an opportunity to learn, connect and potentially invest in Barbados' medicinal cannabis industry.  

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Investing in medicinal cannabis in Barbados with the BMCLA, offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of this global industry. The BMCLA is Barbados’ sole regulatory body which holds licences under the Barbados’ Government’s new medicinal cannabis regulatory system.


The main focus of the BMCLA is to foster the growth, development and orderly regulation of a legal medicinal cannabis industry in Barbados, including the use of the plant and/or derivatives thereof for medical, therapeutic and scientific purposes. This must be done consistent with Barbados' international treaty obligations regarding the cultivation, production, use and export of narcotic substances.


The BMCLA is seeking to raise investment to build and develop various aspects of its commercial enterprise. Please click the box below if you are interested to invest in Barbados’ growing medicinal cannabis industry.


The medicinal cannabis industry is built to support a locally derived value chain from seed to sale.  It is intended to facilitate the value-added development of cultivated Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) medicinal cannabis strains to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) finalised cannabis products.

The value chain will have Unique Selling Points (USP) which are indigenous to Barbados.  These will be bolstered by Research and Development (R&D) efforts to develop local cultivar phenotypes from existing gene banks of cannabis seeds.  Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica cultivars locally derived by our geographic location and unique growing conditions will be considered for geographical indications.  There are local opportunities for the development of successful and globally competitive R&D, direct and indirect related cannabis businesses to support the local value chain. These will be bolstered by the islands' highly trained and certified workforce and by the development of an innovation system which captures all the essence of the local USP. The proposed innovation system will foster social inclusivity and equity towards the development of the local medicinal cannabis industry.

The locally derived industry will produce a Barbadian brand of locally produced medicinal cannabis products and services coined BAJCAN and create our niche in the global value chain.  While our approach will be globally competitive, the industry will be sustained locally and will integrate other industries inclusive of tourism, health, education, manufacturing and potentially alternative energy.

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