What are the functions of the BMCLA?
  • Develop policies, procedures and guidelines to establish the medicinal cannabis industry and to ensure that medicinal cannabis is available to patients in a safe and efficient manner;

  • Enforce procedures in relation to the inspection of premises that are operated by a person in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act, 2019 or any regulations made pursuant to this Act.



  • Regulates the handling of medicinal cannabis;

  • With the approval of the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Board, establishes and maintains an electronic database to:

    • collect,collate and include information relating to persons who handle medicinal cannabis or cannabis in accordance with this Act;

  • Enters into any arrangement, which, in the opinion of the BMCLA, is necessary to ensure the proper performance of its functions.



  • Issues licences in relation to the handling of medicinal cannabis in accordance with the provisions of the Act, 2019;

  • Provides for the distribution of educational materials and the conduct of training programmes in relation to the development and use of medicinal cannabis and the medicinal cannabis industry.

  • Where required, assists with the provision of analytical services;

  • Ensures that proper disposal requirements are prescribed for the safe disposal of cannabis which is handled under the Act.

For further information on the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, 2019. Click Here

  • Establish effective and efficient operational modalities for the BMCLA and staff

  • Enable effective national public and stakeholder education and outreach

  • Ensure a trained and certified work force to facilitate a high standard of products and services

  • Identify and operationalise the regulatory and compliance regime to safeguard patient and public safety

  • Facilitate research and development from seed to sale, leading to IP generation and safe and efficacious treatment modalities

  • Develop the medicinal cannabis industry as an economic engine, contributing directly and indirectly to 20% of the National Gross Domestic Product


Everything you need to apply for a Licence


The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Act, 2019 allows you to handle medicinal cannabis for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes under a Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA) licensing regime. The Regulations allow for the ability to cultivate, transport, process, sell, import, export, research and develop medicinal cannabis and medicinal cannabis products under a regulated licensing regime that includes licences across several categories and types. Below is everything you need to know in one stop from applying for a licence to handling medicinal cannabis. The BMCLA has created this one-stop shop to make it easier for persons to become involved in what promises to be an industry of great economic benefit.  See below the simple steps required to get and to submit an application for any licence being issued by the BMCLA.





Your Wellbeing and Medicinal Cannabis

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Visit your doctor to find out if medicinal cannabis is right for you and your health and well-being

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